* Retail wine shop - offering wines of the world, with an eye for quality and value (Washington state wine license no. 420003, issued to Epona, LLC)
   * Winery - Estate-crafted wines from exciting modern grape varieties (same WA license as above)
   * Grapes - for the table and for winemaking, grown on a superb south slope 
   * Fruits (including cider apples from very old treees), nuts, vegetables, and grapevine cuttings, grown with organic practices
All on our small farm near Woodland, Washington
Retail Wine Sales

For nine years I ran a retail wine business in Portland, OR (as a side business, from my day job as an officer of an electronics manufacturing company). Here is my business model: I attend trade tastings, and travel to taste at wineries, and I research wines, and then recommend my favorites (from all around the world) to my customers, and if they want to order, they do. There is never an obligation to order anything. They can order any number of bottles (as little as 1). I aggregate the orders and make one large wholesale purchase. Although I was a licensed wine and beer retailer, because I didn't have a brick and mortar shop, nor did I carry much inventory, I had very little overhead, so my prices were usually the best in town. I have set up a similar business in Washington state, operating from my farm near Woodland WA. Customers can pick up their wines in Woodland, or I deliver to certain locations in Vancouver WA and Portland OR.

If you would like to get on my wine customer email list, just email me at [email protected] . Thank you!