About Epona wines

I’m Kenton Erwin. I’ve been making wine since 1995. I handcraft Epona wines at our farm’s small winery near Woodland, WA. I chose the name “Epona” for my Celtic roots — Epona was the Celtic goddess of agriculture.

I make wine from both modern grape varieties and vinifera (European) grapes. I hope you will agree that the modern varieties wines have flavors that are fresh and exciting, and are similar enough to the flavors you expect from classic winegrapes, that you will like the taste.

I already know you will like the “green-ness” of these grapes. They are disease-resistant and require no spray, which means they also require less fuel and labor. They also ripen earlier — in a normal year, that means getting good harvest parameters before the rains return in the Fall, and before the worst of the bird damage hits.

If you’d like to get on the mailing list to learn about Epona and other wines available for sale, please send a message via the Contact page. We keep our members’ information confidential, so you won’t get spam from any “marketing partners.”

Epona wines made from estate (self-grown) fruit include:

White — Cayuga

Red — Leon Millot and a blend of several varieties

Rose — blend of several red and white varieties

Pourt (TM) — (port-style dessert wine) blackberry, raspberry, apple, or grape

Apple and Pear Ciders

+ We tried the raspberry dessert wine after skiing this weekend.  Tasty, and it has a bit of a kick behind it.  Good stuff.  Love it.

+ We had your rose last eve and it was a truly amazing wine. Crisp and dry enough for me as I hate sweetness in any wine. I am impressed and loved it chilled…
+ Just tried the rose, and I really like it! The nose is beautiful and I like the complexity. I don’t find it to have that cloying sweetness that one often finds in the off-dry roses, so I would characterize it as a dry rose as far as my palate is concerned.   
+ [This note is from a professional winemaker friend] Some friends and I just finished off a bottle of your rose. Great job! I really enjoyed it. Amazing bouquet and great fruit flavors — I picked up some strawberry and peach. One of your best wines. You have this rose way underpriced. It should be at least $15. Do you have any left?


+ Double Gold medal, Seattle Wine Awards of 2019, for Epona 2017 Yakima Valley Cabernet Franc
+ Silver medal, Seattle Wine Awards of 2019, for Epona 2018 Cayuga white wine
+ Silver medal, Seattle Wine Awards of 2019, for, 2018 Epona Rose wine

+ Silver and Bronze medals, Newport Food & Wine Winemaker’s Tournament

+ Best in Show for Raspberry Pourt Wine, Washington County Fair
+ Numerous Blue and Red ribbons, in various county fair competitions


Location Woodland, WA Hours By appointment
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