* Retail wine shop - offering wines of the world, with an eye for quality and value (Washington state wine license no. 420003, issued to Epona, LLC)
   * Winery - Estate-crafted wines from exciting modern grape varieties (same WA license as above)
   * Grapes - for the table and for winemaking, grown on a superb south slope 
   * Fruits (including cider apples from very old treees), nuts, vegetables, and grapevine cuttings, grown with organic practices
All on our small farm near Woodland, Washington
Buying Epona Wines - from grapes grown on our farm

The best test of growing modern winegrape varieties is: How does the wine taste? Help us find out! I've been making wine from these varieties for many years now, and I think it is time to bring these wines to the market. I hope you will agree that they have flavors that are fresh and exciting, and are similar enough to the flavors you expect from classic winegrapes that you will like the taste. I already know you will like the "Green-ness" of these grapes, which are disease-resistant and require no spray and through less fuel and labor these grapes really are the next big coming thing. They also ripen earlier, which in a normal year means getting good harvest parameters before the rains return in the Fall, and before the worst of the bird damage hits.
Be part of an important trend, as we all sharpen our skills of living sustainably. Buy local! 

These wines will be available for sale, in much the same way that my retail wine shop's wines are sold. I'll use the same customer list for each side of the business.